6 Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT Services

May 14, 2022 Jose Piedrahita

Remain focused on the services and products you provide

Outsourcing may be one of the strategies to be considered by businesses to remain focused on the services and products they provide while keeping expenses down.

Regardless of niche, outsourcing to a managed IT service provider is becoming increasingly popular. Riding the wave of technology while trying to outrun business competitors is no easy feat.

Outsourcing may mean working with another team in a different time zone. For those who would like to outsource, you can either partner with IT company or look for reputable IT firms near you.

So, if there’s still doubt about outsourcing IT support, here are seven benefits of outsourcing managed IT services:

Increases Efficiency and Competitiveness

Partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) means doubling or even tripling the efficiency and knowledge of the in-house IT team.

In doing so, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can give more attention to improving their services and products rather than adding IT matters to their plate.

Removing the worrying part of keeping systems updated, hardware maintenance, or even IT infrastructure monitoring means businesses can boost competitiveness and gain the capacity to play with bigger brands.

Removing the worrying part of keeping systems updated, hardware maintenance, or even IT infrastructure monitoring means businesses can boost competitiveness and gain the capacity to play with bigger brands.

Cybersecurity and
Data Compliance

Another benefit of working with a managed service provider is that it allows business leaders to remove their constant worry about the safety and security of the information that goes in and out of their company.

Managed service providers make it their business to train their teams to work with the utmost regard to cybersecurity, data security, and compliance. Qualified MSP companies will always ensure their business clients are also updated regarding cybersecurity and data compliance certifications.

Outsourcing this worrying part of IT can help business leaders and their teams focus on more immediate business concerns.

Labor Cost

Imagine onboarding 20 new people into your in-house IT team. This means providing them with their own cubicle, computer, chair, and access to all your systems. They’ll also have to be provided with the necessary training in office systems and standard operating procedures.

All of these plus continuous IT training and certifications so all the members of the in-house IT team are updated with technology and are certified in different applications, processes, and software.

These all mean additional labor and equipment costs, something you can cut down on or totally eliminate if you outsource to a managed IT service provider. Instead of incurring these expenses, your IT provider will give you a trained, dedicated team at a lower cost.

Access to More Talent and Services

When a business chooses to work with a managed with our IT Staff Augmentation Service, it means working with reliable, certified people who are not just experts in one field but in different IT branches.

This means gaining access to people’s skills, talents, and expertise that may be double the number of members of an in-house IT team.

By using our IT Staff Augmentation Services businesses increase their capacity to serve their clients or support the IT needs of their employees.

Stays Ahead Through Cutting-Edge Technology

The fast-changing landscape of the digital era means innovations can come and go in just months. For businesses to stay one step ahead of their competition and for the security of their data, it’s always best to have access to new technology.

Outsourcing your IT Staff with VES means we will absorb the cost of upgrades and training, and you, as the client, will reap the benefits without worrying about ballooning expenses.

Access to Comprehensive Monitoring

One of the critical things businesses need to avoid is encountering downtime issues. It was found that companies can lose up to USD$5,600 per minute of downtime.

In order to prevent this type of concern, constant monitoring of systems, hardware, and software is essential. And, this is where our IT Staff Augmentation Service can help.

One of the things to expect from us is 24/7 monitoring.  Having a dedicated team working around the clock to monitor your IT systems and issues means having more eyes looking out for problems before they blow up and cause downtime.

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