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Outsource your dispatch management to VES professionals. With our freight dispatching services, you will receive tailor-made solutions for your logistic requests. Focus on your business growth, while a dedicated team of experts, aided by a robust trade management platform, takes care of your complete transport needs. The VES team can take over and execute documentation for each stage of your shipment.



We collaborate with all your stakeholders: brokers, forwarders, dispatchers, carriers, and regulatory agencies to prepare all necessary documents, permits and approvals in advance. Our well-established processes and robust team structure ensures that your supply chain works without any delays or roadblocks. With accurate, 100% compliant documentation in place, your shipments are always on time.


Save Time
& Money

The VES managed services team acts as your dedicated Dispatching Department. We augment existing Dispatch operations during peak periods, to enable seamless scaling up of resources.

VES is designed to seamlessly plug into your business, and act as your back-office team – taking all direction from you, the client. We can take up as much or as little of your global trade management as you want, giving you more time to focus on strategic objectives.


VES Dispatch Model

Overall, the reason why logistics companies use Outsourcing services is primarily about efficiency. Dispatch outsourcing is a proven method for increasing efficiency in all business functions.

Working in logistics is not easy. Carriers handle and deal with incredible amounts of information to effectively manage the various parts of the supply chain process. Outsourcing companies can help Trucking companies by taking over various data-related processes, organizational matters, and back-office services.



  • 5% Commission of Load Rate
  • No Additional Costs
  • Trained Dispatchers
  • Month by Month Service
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Full Back-Office Support

Key Services Offered

  • Client Invoicing
  • Expert Dispatchers
  • Freight Bill Processing
  • Rate Negotiations
  • Bills of Lading
  • Data Management
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