Monthly Recruitment Services

"Precision Recruiting is a candidate screening process that Virtual Employee Services has developed and currently uses to pin-point the best-fit candidates within the marketplace."

Through this process we are able to find the perfect fit candidates for each position. Our recruiters narrow down the candidate field by using a combination of 4 key target interview areas before any background screening takes place. These 4 areas are as follows:

• KSAs – Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
• Behavior Based Interviewing
• Expectational Interviewing
• Reverse Interviewing

Here at VES we understand the costs that high turn-over has on an organization and we strive to set higher standards with lowering those rates, while providing superior talent. Our primary goal is to be the industry leader in virtual recruiting while providing stellar results and great customer service. We believe that finding the best candidate takes an utmost screening process, and you can be ensured that once a new hire comes through your doors to begin their assignment, they carry our seal of approval.

We understand that supporting our clients through new employee implementation is essential to successful employer/employee relationships within a new work environment. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure every aspect of the on-boarding process is seamless. Below are some examples of our Verification and On-Boarding procedures that we offer:

• Background Screenings
• Employment Verification
• New Hire On-Boarding Guidance

Our team of recruiters works quickly and intelligently for each of our clients, until each position is filled. We take a proactive stance and feedback is important to us, this approach helps us hone in on the specific skill sets and traits hiring managers are searching for in a new employee. Our expertise in finding the best-fit candidates throughout many different verticals is only capable because of our Precision Recruiting techniques & methodology. We have placed thousands of employees from entry level to senior management!

Virtual Employee Services works on a national scale and our key focus areas are as seen below:

• Engineering
• Supply-Chain / Logistics
• Manufacturing
• Operations Management

• Accounting & Finance
• Information Technology
• Office Administration
• Sales & Marketing

"Precision Recruiting"

Our Recruitment Process:

Step 1 – Initiate the Search

• Assess Job Description and Duties
• Design custom recruitment process
• Establish required and desired candidate traits

Step 2 – Source

• Build a sourcing strategy
• Company data mining
• Search network and databases
• Target social media & post jobs

Step 3 – Screen

• Phone-screen candidates
• Behavioral screening
• Skills Tests
• Asses interest in the opportunity

Step 4 – Schedule

• Schedule / Confirm interviews with company
• Extensive candidate preparation

Step 5 – Feedback

• Gather Hiring Manager feedback
• Gather candidate feedback
• Maximize # of “YES” candidates

Step 6 – Offer

• In depth candidate pre-closure
• Market research and offer analysis
• Negotiate and extend offers

Step 7 – Onboard

• Conduct background and reference checks
• Pre-start welcome session
• Post-start follow up